August 2003
volume 1, issue 2


Poster Project

After Goya - Disasters of War. Mojave Desert, December 2002. Nicole Cousino and Christina Ulke (Additional limbs painted by Michelle Sinigayan and Albert Ortega). Photo shows painted body parts in the Morongo Valley just before they were strewn along 29 Palms Highway between Joshua Tree National Park and 29 Palms Marine Corps Airground Combat Center.

Liz Stromme concept and Robby Herbst design- Liz Stromme was one of the organizers for the weekly neighborhood peace vigil at the Vista Theatre in Los Feliz. This vigil was one of the approximately 100 weekly grassroots events occurring throughout Southern California where neighbors agreed to meet one day a week at a central spot in their neighborhood to make it known that their were people in the neighborhood who opposed the war on Iraq. The Journal approached the Vista Theatre Vigil to see if we could help design a site-specific poster for this very specific spot. The text of Robby’s poster contained Liz’ response.


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