August 2003
volume 1, issue 2












"Imagination is an Instrument of Survival"

The challenge is to allow the artists to provide the models of the future.

Appendix #1 Marsh/Upland Components, Earthworks. By Ocean Earth

Under co-copyright agreements with earth artists like Dennis Oppenheim using on-site testing, development of earthworks and outdoor structures (e.g. Dry Wells, Dead Furrow, Bird Cages, Lightening Field) the project aims to revive oases and marshes, strengthen surface water flows, slow down overflows with meanders, and broaden animal diversity.

The project is located along bird/insect migratory pathways. It readies terrain for large populations of wild animals, the land becomes suited for cropping by youthful hunting gangs. The project is targeted for drought-threatened hinterlandsa. It is useful also in res-toring marshes or estuaries, especially for maximizing saltwater-freshwater mixing to raise ocean productivity.




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