Psychic Secession

Michael Wilson

movement of psychic secession (diagram 1a)

A declaration to dissolve the union now existing between ________________and the other psychic entities united with me under the compact entitled "The Constitution of the United States of America."

WHEREAS, in addition to the well-founded causes of complaint set forth against the sectional party now in power in Washington, driven by religious fanaticism and multinational corporate interests, I have to resist to the last extremity any attempt on the part of such power to coerce my psyche and others, proclaimed to the world that war should be waged against it until it should be compelled to submit to their rule, and large forces to accomplish this have by this same power been called out, and are now being marshaled to carry out this inhuman design; and to longer submit to such psychic rule, or remain in the old Union of the United States, would be disgraceful and ruinous to my psychic well-being:

Therefore I, ______________________, do hereby declare and ordain, and it is hereby declared and ordained, That the due execution of the psychic laws of the United States within the same have been thoroughly compromised. And that such psychic laws were freely accepted, ratified, and irrevocably confirmed, articles of compact and union between the people and the United States. Therefore, those psychic laws and every other psychic law and ordinance, whereby I became a member of the Federal Union, must be, and the same are hereby, in all respects and for every purpose herewith consistent, repealed, abrogated, and fully set aside; and the psychic union now subsisting between the undersigned and the United States of America, is hereby dissolved.

And we do further hereby declare and ordain, That the undersigned hereby resumes to him/herself all psychic rights and powers heretofore delegated to and seized by the Government of the United States of America; that the undersigned is absolved from all psychic allegiance to said Government of the United States, and that he/she is in full possession and exercise of all the rights and sovereignty which appertain to a free and independent psyche.

Adopted and passed in open psychic convention on the ___ day of __________ A.D. 2005.


Freedom is just a thought away...

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