Book Drop

October 26 2008- march 15, 2009
2008 California Biennial
Orange County Museum of Art

wide view of duct/book drop, wall text to the left of the duct, daily drop of free copies of Issue #6.

For our contribution to the 2008 Biennial, we gave away 1,000 copies of issue #6 of the Journal using the duct above. The duct dumped a specific amount of books each day- timed to correlate to the to the amount of deaths incurred on that particular day, a year previously in American wars in the Iraq and Afganistan. The wall text to the left describes the project, its daily drop and lists the amount of daily deaths as calculated from a variety of websites.

our didactic wall text explaining the relationship between deaths and falling books Click to expand. .

Bookdrop close-up