Rock Women For Reich

January 2006
Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE)

As part of the Civic Matters exhibition at LACE, Rock Women For Reich was our collaboratively conceived and created political campaign.

We worked with a handfull of Angelinos and Scandinavians crafting an appropriate political campain within the constraints of this exhibition

 In January 2006,we launched our campaign,
  Rock Women forReich:
 The Heavier the Better
 Demonstration, Orgasm, Trip?
 I had never been to LA before the demonstration.

(note: The name of the Project was created by randomly pulling two phrases from a book.)

Project Description:

In January 2006, the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest is launching their 
campaign, Rock Women for Reich. The Heavier the Better. Demonstration, Orgasm, Trip?

Build it with us. I had never been to LA before the demonstration. Join us.

(we built in a wonderful critique of creative labor into the proposal page as well.)

Different planners come together after a purposely schizophrenic planning session to celebrate concensus and the NICE Campaign
Drinking Sparkling Apple Cider, eating apples, and singing Swedish folk songs about orchards and being nice.

Part 1.
 Two days of discussions to decide what sort of protest we will organize- run in a consensus manner.

 a. Day One: Consensus training. Then we broke the attending audience into three groups. One group  was to decide the rhetoric of the protest, the second group was to decide the images of the protest, the  third group was to decide the way in which the protest is done.

 b. Day Two: We attempt to bring the results of these conversations together and to decide what we are  protesting about?

Part 2:
 Work Day to craft items necessary for the protest

Part 3:
 Protest Day

Nice Campaign Poster hung up around Hollywood asking people to be nice and not fear one-and-other.
This was the campaign topic the three groups were able to practically put into practice.
Poster design by Steve Anderson

 Part one was a beautiful existential mess with people trying to grasp the internal conflicts built into this project. By the end of Part 2, we decided to hold a collective ritual within LACE, sing Swedish folks songs and persue the NICE campaign. Part 3 we did the ritual and then, in following through with NICE campaign, we went out into the streets of Hollywood and tried to hand out free apples.

citizen eats an apple

handing out and recieving an apple