The 1st and 2nd Whiskey Rebellions
By Jim Costanzo

A Brief Genealogy of Social Sculpture
By Alan W. Moore

David Solnit and The Arts of Change
Jen Angel interviews David Solnit

Do-It-Yourself Geopolitics: Cartographies of Art in the World
by Lothar Blissant aka Brian Holmes

No one likes a talking cunt.
Tessa Laird on Chris Kraus’s Video Green

Community Building in the Era of the Patriot ACT; Arrested for Stickering, Biking, and other Misadventures (with Creative Direct Action)
by Benjamin Shepard

La República Popular de la Gráfica.
Rubén Ortiz Torres on Taller Popular de Serigrafía

Letter from Caracas: State of the Arts, No Magic Bullets
Chris Gilbert & Cira Pascual Marquina

The Aesthetics of Failure, An Introduction; Too Late.
Robby Herbst