In release of Issue 8 of the Journal of Aesthetics & Protest, on Grassroots Modernism.

Archive Books
Dieffenbachstraße 31, 10967 Berlin, Germany
7 pm Friday June 22nd


We were thinking about the "debt crisis" and activism/art after that fact. We stumbled upon
the question of circulation (stuff moving round) and how we mobilize ourselves and are
mobilized by things around us. What is it we can make and do for each other?

A discussion and reading with Chris Lee and Ultra-red and the Journal of Aesthetics & Protest.

Chris Lee is a free-lance graphic designer from Canada, but currently based in The Netherlands, where he graduated from the Sandberg Institute (Amsterdam). While at the Sandberg, he engaged in a practice focusing on speculative visualizations of (alternative) currencies, and their attendant institutions and ephemera. He has also facilitated several workshops on currency where the task is to develop a currency system and in so doing, to discuss and articulate the operation and dynamics of power and money without a heavy reliance on stratified knowledge and expert jargon. He is currently designer and editorial-board member of the journal Scapegoat: Landscape, Architecture, Political Economy. (Chris' issue 8 article)

Ultra-red is an international sound art collective founded in 1994. While the visual image serves as the foundation for most discussions of political art, Ultra-red turn the focus to the ear: the sound of communities organizing themselves, the acoustics of spaces of dissent, the demands and desires in our voices and in our silences, pedagogy in language and speech, and the echoes of historical memories of struggle. Ultra-red members are currently conducting sound investigations in Berlin, Los Angeles, New York, as well as Torbay and London, UK. (Ultra-red's issue 8 article)


Support for issue 8 provided by the Metabolic Studio. Issue 8 is supported by the Armory Center for the Art's Fiscal Sponsorship Program