Dispatches from Occupy Wall Street
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Popular Education / Critical Pedagogy

Mark Read- NYC (dispatch 1, updated 11/1/11)
Sarah Lewison- Carbondale Illinois (dispatch 1)
Irina Contreras- Oakland (dispatch 1, dispatch 2, dispatch 3)
Barbara Adams- NYC (dispatch 1, dispatch 2)
Sukjong Hong- Oakland (dispatch 1- forthcoming)
New York Year Zero- Manhattan (dispatch 1)
 Joaap Response to New York Year Zero- Germany 2013

The Journal is interested in how the dynamics of #Occupy and the broader movement
manifest a self-learning process of a movement. Like many others, we see the
strength of this movement not in its rhetoric but in its ability to bring many into
coordinated action. 

We see #Occupy as a juncture of protest and aesthetic- our research here aims
to capture the ways in which people get swept up into a movements and what
and how they contront eachother's ideas in action. The forms in which the movement
communicates to itself are its medias, its aesthetics. We are interested in how
individuals responds to the occupation's contexts in order to create a poltiical. We
understand that self-knowledge is generative of more real solidarity.

This project proposes the act of movement research to reveal the conflicts and
tendancies within movements.

The researchers have been conducting interviews to better understand the challenges, contradictions and knowledges learned from within this growing movement. We present it here as a snapshot in order for others to dwell in the specifics of this movement so that we as activists, artists and thinkers may better prepared ourselves for the coming years.

We would like to thank Ultra-red for contributing to our understanding of Frierian Style Critical Pedagogy. As part of this project, we circulated a research rubric created by Ultra-red to our research team to inspire their own questions.

Ultra-red's Critical Pedagogy rubric.

Here is a very formative essay that we've read by Marta Malo de Molina.

You'd be surprised how many people helped us in attempting this project. Thanks to the folks at WAGE, Team Colors, Not an Alternative, The New York Indypendent, NY Public School, the Center on Artistic Activism, Vera List Center at the New School.