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May Day 2006 & The Student Walkouts

2006 marked an astounding year for street activism in Los Angeles. With the draconian Sensenbrenner Bill looking to squash immigrant and workers’ rights, people responded in ways not seen in the US since the  Great Depression. For weeks, there were rolling student walk-outs from middle and high schools throughout the region. A general strike was called and adhered too on May Day leading to a virtual standstill of business in areas throughout LA. An estimated million people attended the massive rallies. These events might be seen in the light of the precarity actions elsewhere, perhaps not. What is also extraordinary of course is how the actions were organized both spontaneously and with the help of mass media.

With the Help of Ami Motevalli, we have collected two stories about the walkouts.
We gathered a third as well.

Below is an artwork, by Tran T. Kim-Trang, documenting the crowds drawn out on Mayday 2006.

tran's piolin mayday 2006


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