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Issue #6 of the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest
Theory in Three Acts

Marc Herbst, Robby Herbst, Christina Ulke- editors
Jessica Fleischmann- designer

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theory in 3 acts

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The issue is broken down into three conceptual sections.
Contributors include:

1. I Love To We

Amy Franceschini, Fritz Haeg, Bonnie Fortune, Brett Bloom,
Juliana Parr, Charlotte Sáenz (aka Lozeh Luna), Kelly Marie
Martin, Aviv Kruglanski, Kate Rich, Ben Schaafsma, Aimee Le
Duc, Mark Chamberlain, Lisa Ann Auerbach, Veronica Wiman,
Town Hall Meetings (Daniel Tucker, Nato Thompson and LA

2. Antiwar Survey Respondents:
Andrew Boyd, Ashley Hunt, Alexandra Juhasz, Steve A
Anderson, Veterans for Peace, Art for a Democratic Society,
Janet Weil (of East Bay Code Pink), Center For Tactical
Magic, Eric Estenzo, Ehren Tool, Hillary Mushkin, Jene
Despain, Keith Hennessy, John Carr (of LA VS WAR), Lizabeth
Eva Rossof, Melissa Day, Scott Campbell (of Direct Action to
Stop the War), Sandy Wood

3. Another Theory Section
Sharmina Afsana Hossain, Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen, J Cookson,
Dorit Cypis, Karla Diaz, Mindy Faber and Open Youth
Networks, Marc Leger, Ami Motevalli, Mark Rodriguez, Gregory
Sholette, Greg Smithsimon, Steve Stuffit, Tran, T.
Kim-Trang, Annette Weisser, Grant Wahlquist, Rebecca Zorach