What we can do, together.

Sarah Ross – Interview with Sarah Ross of Prison + Neighborhood Arts Project

Richard Gilman-Opalsky – The Ferguson Revolt Did Not Take Place

Abigail Satinsky & Anthony Romero – Chicago Social Practice Lab (SAIC) DIABLOGLICAL

Cassie Thornton- Physical Audit

Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination – An Open Letter in the Dark

Marc Herbst – Reportback from On the New Abduction of Europe

Anabel Roque Rodriguez – From Truth to Concrete Action

Paula Cobo – (if we organize, we can all fuck)

Gavin Grindon – Pick Apart the Different Approaches

Ian Alan Paul – Mapping the Avenues of Escape, and Capture

Alan W. Moore – Less Concision and More Encyclopedic Inclusion

Michael Wilson – I think that one must oppose curation completely

Christopher Pickett & Heath Schultz – What We Could Do

Dont Rhine – Three Proposals on What Kind of Together We Might Do

Spurse – Commons Sense

Daniel Tucker – Against Social Practice


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