Fashion 2012
a relational style guide for the next decade
-by Marc Herbst

Towards a new style in the post-capital and post global warming era.
A 32 page comic book and generative style guide with pictures drawn from
fashion magazines, Union circulars and Anarchist Glossies (footnotes included.

There is no appocalypse coming*- but we can dress for a future anyway...

*(unless were talking economic and environmental collapse)

Issue #2 contains an essay by Art Historian Gavind Grindon
Attempts to understand and harness affect as a means of political organisation have for a long time been regarded as the property of the Right. This assumption has a long history, going back to the overdetermined ambiguities of George Sorel’s writing and the still common dismissals of George Bataille’s early writing on the potential of affect as proto-fascistic. (read more....)


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