August 2003
volume 1, issue 2


Poster Project

In our December of 2002 poster project submission call, the Journal asked for descriptions for site-specific posters. We asked that each proposal deal with an issue particular to a specific site in Southern California. Because So-Cal is so spread out, we realize that often times political speech is most affective when exactly targeted. We accepted proposals by Chris Elliot, Lisa Freedom, Michelle Sinagayan, Kelly Marie Martin, Liz Stromme, Christina Ulke, Michael Baers, Cara Baldwin, and Mark Hagen. We then asked Olga Koumoundouros and Karl Erickson to help us realize the proposals. When everything was complete, we reproduced then installed the posters throughout the city.

Robby Herbst with design by Karl Erickson. Robby suggested a poster with the text “a curse on the head of our president for every profanity uttered here” be placed at bars, alleyways and parks where drunken and stoned people congregate. Karl did the layout and design.


Michelle Sinagayan with design by Olga Koumoundouros- Michelle suggested a poster for a supermarket to make clear the links between consumption, industry, and war. Olga designed this poster and than we hung it at the Ralphs and Vons in the area.


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