Issue # 6 Table of Contents

Section 1: I Love To We

Section 2: Antiwar Surveys

Section 3: Another theory Section

I love to we- editorial
  By Christina Ulke
Cooking Together at the Bycicle Kitchen
  By Kelly Marie Martin
Refining the Art of Preservation
  By Mark Chamberlain
SF Victory Gardens 2007+
  By Amy Franceschini with Christina Ulke
Collaborators & Participants
  By Fritz Haeg
D.D.I.Y. Dont Do It Yourself
  By Lisa Anne Auerbach
(De)Appropriation Project: Bruce Tomb &...
  By Aimee Le Duc
Invitation ot a Telepathic Talking Circle
  By Veronica Wiman
Other Options, A Closer Look at Food
  By Ben Schaafsma
   By JPCraft Captain Julianna Parr
Town Hall Meetings" Five Cities Discuss...
  Initiated by Daniel Tucker & Nato Thompson
Seedballs, a Judo Trick to Germinate the...
  By Aviv Kruglanski
What We Know of Our Past- What We...
   by Bonnie Fortune and Brett Bloom
Feral Trade.
  By Kate Rich
Learning To We

  by Charlotte Sáenz (a.k.a. Lozeh Luna)

Section 2 Forward: Dissidents in Decentered...
   By Robby Herbst
Andrew Boyd
   Survey from Andrew Boyd
9 Scripts From a Nation at War
   Survey from Ashley Hunt of the collective
Scale: Measuring Might in the Media Age
   Survey from Alexandra Juhasz
Artists at War
   Survey from Steve Anderson and Tom McKenzie
Arlington West
   Survey from Veterans for Peace
Art for a Democratic Society
   Survey from Art for A Democratic Society
Berkeley Marine Recruiting Station Campaign
   Survey from Jene Despain
Wells Fargo Embargo
   Survey from the Center for Tactical Magic
Eric Estenzo,ISMC 99-2005, OIF I Veteran
   Survey By Eric Estenzo
Ehren Tool
   Survey by Ehren Tool
Drect Action to Stop the War (DASW)
   Survey from Scott Campbell
DASW/ Chevron Richmond Refinery Action
   Survey from Jene DeSpain
DASW/ Still Dancing Action Collective
   Survey from Keith Hennessy
   Survey from John Carr
iBush: 1000 Words for Bush
   Survey from Lizabeth Eva Rossol
Peace I Give to You (Not as the Worlds...)
   Survey from Melissa Day
Hillary Mushkin
   Survey from Hillary Mushkin
Santa Barbara Antiwar
   Survey from Sandy Wood
Renaming Bush Street
   Survey from Jerome Mast Grand, Amber
   Hasselbring and the Corndog Brothers

Section 3 Forward- Arriving Now
  By Marc Herbst
May Day 2006 & The Student Walkouts
  Articles by:
  Ami Motevalli
  Sharmina Hofsana Hossain
  Tran T. Kim-Trang
  Annette Weisser
On the Youth House Protests & The...
  By Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen
Whats it Like Out There?
  By J Cookson
The Spirit of Proximity
  By Dorit Cypis in dialog with Marc Herbst
You-tube Sized:10 Radical Things about...
  By Open Youth Network
For the De-Incapacitation of Community Art,,,
   By Marc James Leger
Wasn't There a Party at Frank Zappa's
  By Mark Rodriguez
We The Feared, Unnamable
  By Greg Sholette
Sunset in the Imperial City: How New York's...
  By Greg Smithsimon
The Social Ecology of Carbon

  By Steve Stuffit
Towards a Gay Politics of Play
    By Grant Wahlquist
Make it Stop
  By Rebecca Zorach
Texting & Graffitti: Understanding...
  By Karla Diaz

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